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The Expat Chat is a weekday podcast where we interview inspiring expats who have thrown off the constraints of western congestion to enjoy their dream lifestyle in other parts of the world...often for a fraction of their cost of living back home. If you want the travels of Rick Stearn with the freedom of Tim Ferriss this podcast is for you.Subscribe today.
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Nov 2, 2015

Thanks to the growth of the internet more and more people are enjoying the opportunity to work from wherever they wish, anytime they wish. It is the biggest change in our working environment since the industrial revolution created the growth of cities. It provides freedom on a level our ancestors would struggle to comprehend. It’s creating the perfect cloud based nirvana for those wishing to travel.

But even a digital nomad sometimes needs an oasis in the desert.

Traveling the world making money online can be a lonely business – at times you wish you had somewhere to go where you could have internet that works and a place to relax with like-minded online entrepreneurs. Hubud is exactly that.

Founded in 2012 Hubud is a collaborative space established in Bali (hence its name; a mixture of Hub and Ubud). It provides a relaxing environment with work space for numerous online advocates, along with meeting rooms and regular seminars designed to provide you with the latest in technical knowledge.

We met up with Hubud co –founder Steve Munroe on Skype to discuss the future of international working hubs, Bali generally and how Hubud provides Knowmads as Steve calls them, with more than just a working environment.

You can find out more about Hubud at and their education programs at

What I learned from Steve’s interview:

  1. As we become a more online working world the chance to utilize resources like Hubud, where you can have resources and support networks for a fraction of the cost of most western cities, appears to be the way of the future. Technology is breaking down many of the traditional barriers to working and we’re only going to see an increase in the number of international citizens moving from location to location enjoying environments such as this.
  2. There is more than one side to Bali – Kuta gets the attention as the nightlife capital but for those seeking a quieter life then Ubud provides a much more pleasant environment. Steve believes working in a co –space can provide members with a significant increase in their productivity thanks to the surroundings and environment. Cost of living is relatively low and even allowing for Hubud’s expenses a digital nomad will generally not spend a lot more than $1000-$1500 per month depending on lifestyle.
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