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The Expat Chat is a weekday podcast where we interview inspiring expats who have thrown off the constraints of western congestion to enjoy their dream lifestyle in other parts of the world...often for a fraction of their cost of living back home. If you want the travels of Rick Stearn with the freedom of Tim Ferriss this podcast is for you.Subscribe today.
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Oct 19, 2015

One of the tricks to being able to travel is making sure you have enough money to do it. It’s less expensive than you think but some form of income is still going to be handy! Sometimes this might involve an existing skill you have or sometimes you develop new skills that can be used anywhere you go.

Jenna and Micah Kvidt are Minnesota natives who in the last twelve months have made the world their oyster. Through their website  they’ve been everywhere from Iceland to Japan and large parts of the US and Canada as well. They have developed their skills to the point where Micah earns a living as a freelance photographer and videographer while Jenna supplements their income through her online Etsy store. Like many others they gave up their corporate jobs to travel and haven’t regretted it since

You can follow their travels at and on their pinterest and Facebook pages as well


What I learned from Jenna and Micah’s interview:

  1. There are dozens of opportunities to make money online and travel the world. They were both surprised how relatively easy it was to start making an online income using their respective skills. Their travel is now supplemented by a hotel group who they do work for – and the best part was the hotel group approached them!
  2. You need to make sure you treat your income source as a business. It’s easy to get distracted while traveling and not get around to doing the stuff that is important. You still need to make that income and just because your surroundings are exciting is no reason to forget the work that must be done. Make sure you travel slow enough so you don’t begrudge the time you spend on paying the bills.
  3. Don’t forget those air miles and hotel points! Jenna and Micah use these wisely to cover the cost of more expensive areas. They seriously reduced the expense of going to places like Norway, Iceland, and Japan by using the points they had accumulated while saving their money for cheaper destinations and those closer to home.
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